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The modern Fidonet Point Package for Windows 9x, ME, 2000, XP and Vista
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  • Integrated EMSI Mailer

    • Fido-Over-IP support  (BinkP,IFC,Telnet)

    • TAPI-based support for ISDN and analog modems

  • Integrated mail reader

    • quote highlighting support

    • text styles support

  • Integrated mail editor

    • Individual Origins, headers, footers per group of areas

  • Integrated file request editor

    • File list support

    • Request from mail support

  • Integrated TIC-file processor

  • Integrated area management for both file- and echo areas

  • Integrated address book

  • Integrated Hatch Wizard

  • Integrated Nodelist processor

    • Automatic processing of incomming diffs

  • Integrated UnZIP/ARJ/ARC/LHA/RAR for automatic decompression of mail and nodelists




English Web Page

Set up this page.



New Fidonet Address

My new address os 2:2437/40.29.



New Version: WinPoint 2005 Beta Release 5 (Version 359.1)

Changes (since Beta Release 4):

NEW Enhanced Windows Vista support
NEW Hi-ASCII support for most common fonts
NEW Support for printing Hi-ASCII und CP866 mails
NEW Reader displays mail header using the mail CHARSET
NEW Reader font can be applied directly from font dialog
NEW Reworked Copy/Move dialog
NEW Copy/Move dialog can now be localized
CHG Forwarded and printed mails now have a 80 char limit per line (was 78)
FIX Automatic nodelist update did not work under certain circumstances
FIX Moving mails between folders could cause an exception
FIX Exception when using the TAPI "Autodetect" button on systems with no TAPI devices
FIX Unread message counter in area tree was not updated under certain circumstances
FIX Message list was not updated after "mark all read"
FIX Problems using cut/copy/paste in the editor introduced in Beta 4
FIX Some elements of the mailer GUI where unreadable when using Spanish
FIX Debugfile in C:\ required admin rights when using Vista (removed)
FIX Several small issues

Current Version

Beta Release 5  (3,30 MB)

Older Versions

Beta Release 4 (3,30 MB)
Beta Release 3 Fix 2 (3,30 MB)
Beta Release 3 Fix 1 (3,30 MB)
Beta Release 3 (3,67 MB)

Beta Release 2 (3,60 MB)
Beta Release 1 (2,57 MB)
Preview Release 7 (2,67 MB)